Our Purpose

To financially & socially enrich
1 billion people by 2028,
through transformative community
connections and experiences.


1. We Believe All Local Small Businesses
     Deserve to Stay In Business

1. We Believe All Local Small Businesses Deserve To Stay In Business

Small business represents the economic heart and soul of cities, towns, and villages across the globe.

Conceived in the brilliance of human ingenuity, drive, and passion, these dreams become realized through countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears. Some of these dreams end shortly after they begin. Others last years. Yet others, decades. Pursuing this dream for years or decades, however, should always remain the choice of the Owner. They shall not be closed or otherwise limited, to be used as pawns in a larger political game. This economic heart shall forever beat to its own drum, so that the economic soul thrives.

2. We Believe All Local Small Business
     Shall Not Be Forgotten

2. We Believe All Local Small Business Shall Not Be Forgotten

The big players have big pockets. They can weather ongoing multiple storms and can pour money into budgets that get them noticed. Local Small Businesses deserve equal recognition and screen time. They must be given opportunities to get out in front of the community with greater frequency and greater success.

3. We Abhor Zombies

3. We Abhor Zombies

Zombie companies, that is. A zombie company is one that survives solely on government handouts and “support” programs. With their previous business model unable to bring in necessary revenue levels, the company (reluctantly) accepts the handout (and the debt) as a short-term survival method. Over time, being offered more debt, to get out of debt, exacerbates the situation, resulting in a nonviable, unsustainable long-term model. And the company can no longer truly grow and thrive, seemingly stuck in limbo forever. Let’s keep the zombies for the movies.

4. We Unite Our Customers And Their Customers Into ONE Resilient Community

There’s never been a better time to wear your “Support Local” badge more proudly. Our local small businesses need us. And we need them. It’s part of that wonderful tingly feel-good thing we experience when we chit-chat with an owner, who asks about our family, and knows exactly what we’re looking for. It fosters connection and contribution — two of the fundamental magical threads that weave humanity together.

5. We Stand For What We Believe In

Yes, we have bold and audacious dreams. And every day we work towards achieving them. We know that government doesn’t always know best. And we’re happy to support our businesses who say “NO!” and create a better way.

We encourage our team and our Clients to stand up for what they believe in, to make their mark on the Universe, and collectively work towards leaving our planet better off for our children, and their children, seven generations stronger. And beyond.

6. We Focus on Humanity, First

6. We Focus On Humanity, First

We will always be a Humanity+ company — one that pushes the human collective forward. Larger examples of Humanty+ companies include those focused on renewable energy generation, healthy living, healthy eating, and companies working on new ways to elevate and improve life on our planet.

Sometimes this approach involves making decisions that aren’t great for profit, but are best for Humanity.

We also strive to become a Certified B Corporation in the future.

7. We Nurture A Workplace Culture Of Joy

7. We Nurture A Workplace Culture Of Joy

Happy staff = Happy work = Happy results

We spend up to 70% of our working hours at work. Why not make it some of the most joyful, memorable, inspirational, and supportive moments of our day?

We believe in ongoing expressions of gratitude, compassion, and appreciation. We prefer hugs over handshakes. Being professional doesn’t mean leaving your personal life at the door. We’re all human, all having similar experiences. As such, we laugh together, cry together, mourn together, and celebrate together. We believe in strong workplace friendships that last years, decades, and more.

8. We Constantly Innovate To
     Lead The Change

We were developing Augmented Reality (AR) & Artificial/Augmented Intelligence (AI) apps years before these words made the mainstream.

We strive to fail. And fail often. Being at the forefront means a wealth of possibility and opportunity abound. We dip our toes in the water and also often dive in head first. In this way, we can bring the best to market in a very short amount of time. It also allows us to be nimble and pivot as per the needs of our Local Small Business Clients.

Often, in the time it takes our competition to filter Big Ideas just through internal bureaucracy, we’ve already conceived, developed, and released our next Big Idea to the masses.

9. We Do Not Act In Fear

9. We Do Not Act In Fear

Instead of fearing change, we welcome it. It’s the only way to evolve over the long term.

Instead of fearing competition, we embrace it. It ensures we don’t get complacent. And the pie is plenty big for everyone.

Instead of fearing failure, we fail forward. If not, none of us would ever have learned to walk.

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