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Harness the irresistable fun of Augmented Reality (AR) to get more customers in the door

Get featured during the July 1-11 Downtown Scavenger Hunt
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With Dux, you can:

new ways to engage your customers.

to the vitality of our downtown.

your marketing.

Shopping, ShadowDux is like Pokémon Go, but for grown-ups!  And it’s your 🔑 to increased traffic.

We all know the challenges and obstacles local businesses have faced this past year+.  As people slowly emerge from their homes, Dux gives businesses an opportunity to redefine how you connect with customers, and gives customers a great reason to come visit you today.

Restaurants, ShadowDux offers a way for businesses to connect with existing and future customers by engaging them right on the street or in their homes, using interactive real-time Augmented Reality (AR). This novel way to speak directly to your audience translates into increased customer traffic coming through the door, staying longer, spending more and sharing your business with their friends.

Pubs, ShadowThese days, customers have filters that automatically block out advertising. The beauty of Dux is that it isn’t advertising at all – it’s simply a way to let people know who you are, what you do, and that you just so happen to be nearby. Capitalize on effortlessly creating more foot traffic to drive growth. We’ll leverage our AR capabilities so you can capture the customer’s attention right where they are.


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✅ Featured during the July Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

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✅ 6 additional months of leading-edge AR marketing

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Scavenger Hunt, Downtown Guelph

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DUX Business View, Capistrano

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