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man and paper in trashDon’t let your marketing spend end up in the trash!

We’ve all used brochures and flyers and coupons and print ads to reach our customers.  And we’ve all seen the success of these push-based forms of marketing steady decline over time.  They’re costing more money, yet they’re bringing less and less customers through the door.

Your customers always lose the brochures, forget their coupons, and misplace the maps.

green DUX circle with ARIntroducing DUXTM — Your Augmented Reality-Based Local City Guide

Leave the print marketing world of flyers and brochures behind and become part of a new era in hyper-local street-side pull-based digital engagement.

DUXTM engages your audience right on the street, right on their phones using Augmented Reality (AR), mapping, social interactions, and much more.

Join the DUXTM community today and stand out by sharing your stories and promotions directly with your downtown and around town customers.

DUX Business View, Guelph Civic Museum

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  • Biz Logo/Photo/Description
  • 24/7 Deal Manager Access
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Listing
  • 2D Map Listing
  • Category Listing
  • Directions to Location
  • Call / Email Location
  • List Multiple Locations: Up to 3
  • Multiple Photos per Location: Up to 5
  • Share Multiple Deals per Location: Unl.
  • Links to FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
$15 per week

DUX Premium Membership / Digital Main Street

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Receive a 50% discount off the regular Premium Membership fee for 5 months of system access.  (Value of $725)

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Our DUX Guides will connect with you to personally set up your company and all information on the system, at no charge.  (Value of $295)

BONUS 3 — FREE Additional Month of Access

As a THANK YOU, receive 1 additional month of system access, giving you unlimited DUX 24/7 access for a total of 6 months.  (Value of $145)

DUX Premium Membership Price
(including all bonuses):  $1,165  $397 (+ HST)

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